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Amazon parrots are parrots in the genus Amazona. They are medium-sized, short-tailed parrots native to the Americas, with their range extending from South America to Mexico and the CaribbeanAmazona is one of the 92 genera of parrots that make up the order Psittaciformes and is in the family Psittacidae, one of three families of true parrots. Amazon Parrot Eggs contains about thirty species. Most amazons are predominantly green, with accenting colors that depend on the species, and they can be quite vivid. They feed primarily on seeds, nuts, and fruits, supplemented by leafy matter.

Most amazon parrots are predominantly green, with contrasting colors on parts of the body such as the crown, face and flight feathers; these colors vary by species. They are medium- to large-sized parrots, measuring between 23–45 cm (9–17+34 in) long, and have short, rounded tails and wings. They are heavy-billed, and have a distinct notch on the upper mandible and a prominent naked cere with setae on it. Male and female amazon parrots are roughly the same size, though males can be larger at times – most amazon parrots do not show sexual dimorphism, the exceptions being the white-fronted amazon, Yucatan amazon and the turquoise-fronted amazon, the latter species being sexually dimorphic when viewed in the ultraviolet spectrum and invisible to humans. They can weigh from 190g to more than 565g. The average body temperature of an amazon parrot is 41.8 degrees Celsius, or 107.1 degrees Fahrenheit. Their heart rates range from 340 to 600 beats per minute, with 15-45 breaths per minute.

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Amazon parrot eggs will hatch within 24-28 days when incubated using the proper incubators.  Order Amazon parrot eggs online from us and incubate them till they hatch. Our Amazon Parrot eggs are tested to be fertile. Buy Amazon Parrot eggs online from us and get guaranteed delivery with an incubator and a handbook.

What temperature should Amazon parrot eggs be incubated at?
Incubate the eggs in an incubator designed for parrot or exotic
bird eggs. The incubator you use should have accurate temperature
control within one-tenth of one degree, moreover an ideal system for humidity control. So Maintain the temperature at 99.3 degrees F, and the humidity at 40 to 50 percent.

Amazon parrots feed primarily on seedsnutsfruitsberriesbudsnectar, and flowers, supplemented by leafy matter. Their beaks enable them to crack nut shells with ease, and they hold their food with a foot. In captivity, the birds enjoy vegetables such as squash, boiled potato, peas, beans, and carrots. Mainland amazon parrots forage and then feed their young twice a day (usually one hour after sunrise and one and a half hours before sunset), while West Indian amazon parrots do so 4-5 times. Hypotheses proposed for why this is include the nutritional value of food in the region as well as temperature stress. During the downtime before foraging expeditions in the afternoon, amazon parrots spend their time preening themselves and their mates.

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